Our Ingredient Pledge

No petrochemicals, synthetic substances or mineral oils
No Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride
No parabens (butylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben, Isobutylparaben and Propylparaben)
No harmful fillers
No genetically modified ingredients
No fragrances and colour components of synthetic origin
No chelating agents based on EDTA and its salt
No added salt and sugar for infant products
No artificial colouring
No artificial flavouring
No steroids
Manufacturing products following the philosophy of children's sensory development.
No fatty chain source material of petrochemical origin
No sulphonation, ethoxylation and Propoxylation
No alkyl sulphates (e.g. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, sodium coco sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate)
No alkyl ether sulphates (e.g. sodium Laureth sulphate, ammonium Laureth sulphate)
No polysorbates (eg Polysorbate 20)
No ethanolamides (eg Cocamide DEA, Cocamide MEA)
Heavy metal tested
Gluten-free and lactose-free to support children’s that have developmental needs

Ingredients index

Our Products’ Are 100% Organic

Hugging Love strives to instil a sense of protection and independence in children during their early developmental stages by conducting ongoing research into the nutritional value of foods that nourish their organs and organic ingredients.

We take great care with every ingredient in our products, right down to where they were grown. Organically grown and harvested as pure and potent raw ingredients, our products’ ingredients are 100% organic. Following that, the products are sustainably extracted before being carefully tested for efficacy.

To have the best healing and nourishing impact for our customers, we are always looking for new options. Love is our guiding principle and inspiration at Hugging Love, and we guarantee results. Every phase of the healing process is deliberately crafted so that the consumer can keep track of the progress with ease.

From our experts’ team’s advice, we develop your treatment method according to scientific principles: The Seven Life Cycles, taking physiological and psychological aspects into account. In conclusion, a child’s growth and development continues after birth and involves physical and psychological (mental, cognitive, emotional, and social) effect, which is affected by genetic, hormonal, environmental, nutrition, pollution, and other influences. The aim of Hugging Love products is to help children develop in the most healthy way possible.

Our Products Philosophy

Creating a healthy environment for children, one that is free of hazardous substances

Making food for children that is both nutritious and organic, as well as promoting their physiological growth

Manufacturing products following the philosophy of the Seven Life Processes