December 9, 2022

How to Handle Picky Eaters

Child growing needs to independence and control is one of the major contributing factors of picky eater behaviour. It is important to make sure your little one absorbing enough balance nutrients for developmental growth.

Involve your child in food prep

Your picky eater may be a lot more interested in trying something new if he’s had a hand in putting it together. Prepare Hugging Love Superfood Sensory Puffs, let him pour into milk and stir by himself.

Give him options

Hugging Love products has various of options with different shapes, colours, flavours and textures. Our sensory puff comes with 4 flavours, we have 3 different superfood noodles for different baby stages,  the yogurt melt is available in banana and mango flavours. We have many other products for your baby interest as well.

Present food in a new way

With various of shapes and colours, Hugging Love baby foods can be presented in a creative way for your baby’s interest. This may encourage your children to eat more.